These projects were particularly interesting and/or challenging. A brief description is provided for each. Click on the title, image, or “more information” link for any of the examples below to review the story behind the project, including critical issues that had an impact on the review process and the solutions that led to approval.

1213 Harbor Hills Drive – Santa Barbara, CA
Downhill Elevation, 1213 Harbor Hills Drive, Santa Barbara, CA

Vanguard Planning obtained discretionary approval for this 4,217 square foot single family residence with a 672 square foot attached three-car garage in July 2011. The 47,455 square foot project site has a 41% average slope. Major issues addressed during the review of this project included hillside protection policies, neighborhood compatibility, and potential visual/aesthetic impacts. Continue reading

16344 Vasquez Canyon Road – Santa Clarita / Canyon Country, CA

In March 2010, we obtained entitlements for this twenty-four lot subdivison of a 28.5 acre site. Lot sizes range from 10,050 square feet to 20,159 square feet. Over half of the site is retained as natural open space. Approvals included a Vesting Tentative Tract Map, Hillside Management Area Conditional Use Permit, and Oak Tree Removal Permit. There were also several design challenges including the partial relocation of a drainage course, and engineering a 2,400 linear foot offsite sewer line extension. Continue reading

803 North Milpas Street – Santa Barbara, CA
Project Thumbnail

This 19,407 square foot mixed-use development includes commercial frontage at ground level, and eight residential condominiums on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Development is divided into three buildings to address mass, bulk, and scale issues. The City’s Pedestrian Master Plan, and its requirement for a corner “bulb-out”, came into sharp focus during the final stages of the review process. Discretionary approval was granted in March 2010 after Vanguard Planning defeated an appeal filed by a special interest group. Continue reading